Dickens on the Strand – Galveston, Texas 2010

Did you ever want to dress up in period clothing, go to a fun old town (where you were coincidentally born) and walk in a parade?  I know! Me too.  It was so fun.  So my son and friend Kate went to Dickens on the Strand in Galveston.  This is an annual festival in December (get it, Dickens, as in Charles Dickens, you know, Scrooge and all that…).  It was canceled right after hurricane Ike in 2008, but resumed there after.

Kate, being very industrious and craft oriented, made her own dress.  I know.  It is great! She also taught me the art of thrift store shopping and we put together my son’s cool chimney sweep outfit the night before we left.  My uniform was borrowed from the guy in the picture, my oldest friend, Tim Godfrey.  Tim has been a Civil War reenactor for many years now and has a pretty good collection of clothing.  Tim loaned me the Union Cavalry Officers uniform.  Fit great.  I want one.

This was  fun time.  The crowds were large, people were spending money and the economy of Galveston is rebounding nicely after hurricane Ike.

Me and Tim, Dickens on the Strand, Galveston, Texas 2010

Me (left) and Tim, Dickens on the Strand, Galveston, Texas 2010