Playing Guitar

“Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. Man, those words paint such a visual image for me. One thing I have really gotten into in the last several years is playing guitar. I first started playing around Thanksgiving of 2005. The Christmas before we bought our son a drum set. He rarely played it, but when his friends visited, they all played it with much gusto. I also bought an inexpensive violin for them to play (off Ebay) and then bought a cheap Mexican guitar, again, off Ebay. It came with steel strings, was hard to fret and I just stuck it in the corner near the drum set.

Now, I started playing violin in the sixth grade, but stopped in the 10th grade, sometime in 1978. I wanted to play sports (should have stuck with violin). After that, I never played anything until November 2005.

Then one day, I heard “Wish You Were Here” playing on the radio and thought, “You know, I want to learn how to play that.” That album is my favorite. I got that little guitar, went up to H&H music (now bankrupt and gone), bought some nylon strings, a tuner, some picks, came home and Googled “guitar lessons”. I found a great beginner site at, hosted by Dan Cross. I was off to the races. So it had some fret buzz? No problem.

“Wish You Were Here” was a bit to hard for me at first. While looking for easy to play and learn stuff, I came across “Welcome to the Machine”. Much easier. Two, maybe three, chords and you are playing. I listened to the song and strumed along. The hard part was the sliding run up the D string about midway through the song.

Learning the strings was hard for me. They go EADGBE, starting with the top-fat one going down. I have trouble with guitar theory (well, music theory in general). I made up the line Every Angry Dog Gets Bit Eventually to help me remember the strings, from top (big, fat string) to bottom (little, skinny string).

I absolutely love playing – very relaxing, soothing and just fun. I particularly like the style of David Gilmour from the group Pink Floyd.

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