The whole Binki name thing… it came about as I was getting into playing first person aircraft simulations and needed a name. My sons little binkie was laying on the desk and that seemed like as good a name as any.


My father has been into early model cars for my entire life. As a kid we had several and the last, which he sold some years ago, was a Model A Sedan. There are so many great cars out there it is hard to pick any… but I will. I love Porsche’s. I’ve owned many cars but the Porsche is my favorite. Very well built, tight, powerful, fun. What more could you want?

Product Management in Software Environments

There are many challenges that companies face that the right software can help mitigate. For the last 25 years I have been interested in finding solutions to these problems.


I love music and in 2005 picked up the guitar. I previously played violin, but that was many years ago. The music I primarily listen to is Classic Rock, with a smattering of other stuff including Jazz, Classical, Blues, Easy Listening, etc. I love instrumental music that you can get lost in, listening to the nuances. I do not like techno-synthesized stuff much, though some is okay.

No, I prefer music where, as you listen to it over the years, you hear different sounds, like a fret buzz on a guitar part or a misplayed drum beat you never heard before. The human imperfections that make music so perfect. My favorite group of all time is Pink Floyd (in particular the guitar work of David Gilmour) and I will be writing more about them. I also like the Moody Blues, Santana, Caravan, Arc Angel’s, Stevie Ray Vaughn and many more great artists.

Okay, enjoy!


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